Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New BEEP Team #19

Originally signed up as East Jordan United Methodist Church from near Sterling, IL, the team calls itself the BEEP Connection. That stands for Brookville UMC, Elkhorn UMC, Emmanuel UMC, and Polo First UMC. These churches are near Polo, IL, and are within 10 miles of each other. Leader Judy Bartels is the wife of the pastor from East Jordan UMC who also serves Polo First UMC.

 In the morning John, Dorothy, Judy, and Linda assembled Personal Dignity Kits. They completed 217 and packed them into 9 boxes.

David went with caretaker Dick to pick up laundry detergent at Dollar General stores around town. Oops.

When he came back, he helped assemble supplies and the boxes for PDKs. Volunteer Coordinators for the month of February, Carl and Susan, kept the team supplied with shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and soap so the team could roll a “burrito” with the items inside a towel and wash cloths. 

In the afternoon the team divided into 2 groups. Dorothy helped Carl and Susan fold a letter for mailing to MMDC partners. It’s a big job and more of the team will get to help tomorrow as there are 8,750 to fold by the end of next week! 

David, Linda, Judy, and John went into the warehouse to assemble flood cleaning buckets. They completed 48 of them. 

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