Tuesday, November 27, 2012

600 Talbott, #5

Here are photos of the apartment at 600 Talbott Street.
This is the front of the building with an arrow pointing to Apt. #5. Donna Newcomb’s apartment is on the left of the double doors that the two apartments share.

This is a view of the inside lobby, looking past the mailbox on the left to Donna’s apartment. Between the apartments is the stairwell to the basement where the furnace is.

Here’s the basement stairwell. Even they are really clean.

This is a view of the dining room inside the front door. The room is about 9' by 12'.

Stepping back a bit toward the kitchen, here is the dining room with a corner of the kitchen cupboards. The window has mini-blinds and faces the street on the west.

Here is the corner of the dining room by the kitchen. Straight ahead is where you might put your freezer in the dining room.

The kitchen has Amana appliances—refrigerator, ceramic top electric stove, and dishwasher. Notice the broom closet next to the fridge.
The countertops and backsplash are beige formica.  The carpet in the kitchen an dining room  is kind of a berber pattern in beige and tan.

The sink is harvest gold in color. You can install your own garbage disposal.

Going on around the kitchen to the right of the sink are the upper cabinets.

Below the cabinets between the kitchen and dining room is the dishwasher.

The half bath is beside the front door. It has a corner toilet and a sink. Not much space to turn around. There’s stone tile on the floor.

The hall closet is tucked under the stairs to the upper level. The half bath is to the left and the stairs are to the right. The kitchen is straight across from the closet.

This is a view from the living room to the dining room. The living room is probably 15' by 18'. In this photo door to the kitchen is to the right. The carpet in the living room is more of a short plush in beige.

 This is the thermostat in the living room.

This is from the kitchen doorway looking into the living room. The doors leading to the deck have vertical blinds. Cable TV hookup in almost every room is from Mediacom (no dishes allowed). But we bundle phone, Internet, and TV with free long distance to Canada.

Here is the view of Rock Run straight out the doors to the deck. Below is the workshop Kasischke built while he was building the apartments and the duplex across the street. The hospital uses it for a maintenance shed. The plywood seems kind of spongy, but Kurt Peterson said it is solid. I’d recommend indoor/outdoor carpet over it. you can have a grill out there.

This is looking toward Donna Newcomb’s deck.

This looks down the rest of the deck toward the hospital. They do move snow off the deck.

View from the deck to the apartment’s living room.

These are the stairs leading to the bedrooms upstairs. The living room is on the right. The hall closet is on the left.

Looking down the stairs into the hallway. The carpet is probably the same as in the living room. Handrail is on the right here, meaning it is on the left as you ascend the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, the hallway leading to the master bedroom has light green carpet. The stairwell is on the left. The second bedroom is on the right, and the bathroom is halfway down the hall on the right.

Master bedroom is on the back side of the building above the deck. It is probably 12' by 15'.  Notice that there is sort of a slope in the upstairs walls--notice the window frame.

There are double closets. The hall linen closet just outside in the hallway is huge.

Linen closet (on the right) in the hallway is across from the bathroom (on the left). Master bedroom is behind the photographer and second bedroom is to the left of the mirror.

Huge linen closet in the upstairs hallway. There are 3 shelves, and that board in the front of the bottom shelf is removable.

The washer and dryer are in a closet inside the bathroom on the left. The toilet and sink are straight through on the left behind the closet door.

The sink is marbled cream and gold. The carpet is a beige and white berber.

The oval mirror is a medicine cabinet.

The gold tub & shower stall has gold fixtures and glass doors.

The second bedroom is on the front side of the apartment. You can see the slope in the wall better here. This bedroom has a little darker green carpet and is about 12' by 12'.

The second bedroom has a walk-in closet plus another closet.

Second bedroom closet (and Kurt Peterson).

Closet door open to show depth.

View out second bedroom toward west (Talbott Street and duplex across street).

And here is a view of the new bridge over the Iowa River heading south.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back in Crafting Mode

I recently got a Cuttlebug embossing machine (with my birthday $$$) and LOVE it! I can use embossing folders and cutting dies from ANY manufacturer, including Sizzix. Check out more about Sizzix at FaveCrafts: http://www.favecrafts.com.

Now I’m on the hunt for more ways to use my new favorite card-making toy. Anyone know how I can use the Fiskars texture templates that I have? They’re rigid plastic, and I wonder if I have to use something like Fun Foam as a cushion.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Three Days of Volunteering at MMDC

Our team from Trinity UMC in Charles City, IA, was made up of Carl Jacob, Karen Cutler, Jay Cutler, and (back) Susan Jacob.

Jay shrink-wrapped his first pallet.

Jay works on the school desks from Trinity UMC.

Carl glues a brace for the school desks.

Youth from First UMC in Chatham, IL, washed sponges to remove the antibacterial agent.

Karen cuts up boxes for recycling.

Mark was taking the semi to Ohio for several annual conferences over the next few weeks.

 Carl catches up on reading the Charles City PRESS.

Susan worked on the Carrie Lane Chapman Catt touch table, e-mailing the software developer several times a day.
 Carl and Jay got assistance from a member of a youth team whom they lowered into the Gaylord to get down to the bottom.

 Jay and Carl move a pallet.

Susan writes the pallet’s weight on the side.

Watch out when that door to the truck is opened because that fabric is going to roll out!

Gary Billings, June volunteer coordinator helps unload the rolls of fabric for school bags.

Flood cleaning buckets from Iowa Annual Conference go into the warehouse.

The school desks from Trinity UMC were the first things loaded and the last things left in the truck.

A box from Iowa Annual Conference is weighed.

Carl reached down into the bin for the last item in the bottom.