Friday, June 8, 2012

Three Days of Volunteering at MMDC

Our team from Trinity UMC in Charles City, IA, was made up of Carl Jacob, Karen Cutler, Jay Cutler, and (back) Susan Jacob.

Jay shrink-wrapped his first pallet.

Jay works on the school desks from Trinity UMC.

Carl glues a brace for the school desks.

Youth from First UMC in Chatham, IL, washed sponges to remove the antibacterial agent.

Karen cuts up boxes for recycling.

Mark was taking the semi to Ohio for several annual conferences over the next few weeks.

 Carl catches up on reading the Charles City PRESS.

Susan worked on the Carrie Lane Chapman Catt touch table, e-mailing the software developer several times a day.
 Carl and Jay got assistance from a member of a youth team whom they lowered into the Gaylord to get down to the bottom.

 Jay and Carl move a pallet.

Susan writes the pallet’s weight on the side.

Watch out when that door to the truck is opened because that fabric is going to roll out!

Gary Billings, June volunteer coordinator helps unload the rolls of fabric for school bags.

Flood cleaning buckets from Iowa Annual Conference go into the warehouse.

The school desks from Trinity UMC were the first things loaded and the last things left in the truck.

A box from Iowa Annual Conference is weighed.

Carl reached down into the bin for the last item in the bottom.

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