Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fill the Truck for MMDC

On June 1 we drove to Des Moines and picked up a 26 ft. diesel rental truck. We volunteered to sit in the parking lot just north of Veterans Auditorium for 3 days to collect donations for Midwest Mission Distribution Center. Then on June 5 we will head to Chatham, IL, to deliver the donations.

The empty truck is just waiting for all of those good Iowa Methodists to drop off their health kits, school supplies, cleaning buckets, layettes, bedding kits, birthing kits, baby sweaters, sewing kits, and more.

We set up our chairs and camping table and were ready for business.

Carl assembled washing machine boxes for collecting donations.

It was a little chilly when we arrived at 8 a.m.

Susan sat in the truck to get out of the wind.

And then our first donation arrive--about 6 boxes from Salem UMC in Cedar Rapids.

Trish Burket, Iowa Disaster Coordinator, took items into HyVee Hall that were mistakenly dropped off at the truck. These were items for the Iowa Nigera Project, Camp Joy, and the new Disaster Relief trailer.

Parked just south of our Fill the Truck location is the new Disaster Relief trailer.

The Disaster Relief trailer is designed to provide mobile laundry and shower facilities. It is still being outfitted, but it was on display at Iowa Annual Conference.

The trailer includes shower facilities...

...and laundry facilities.

Donations of bath towels, shampoo, detergent, and laundry bags were dropped off by conference attendees.

Donations started rolling in throughout the day.

Trish and Susan started sorting items to make our job a little easier when we get to MMDC— pencils in one box, crayons in another, completed health kits in another...

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