Friday, September 27, 2013

Down to the wire

Touch faucet and sink

Under-the-counter LEDs

Finishing the tile around the fireplace

Tile is done; oak mantel is done

Master bath is partially grouted

Here's the niche set into the stud wall for shampoo

Light at bottom of basement stairs

Furnace and water heater are in

Water line

Trim is done along egress window and floor

Trim is done along stairwell

Carpet pad is in and carpet ready to install

Gray carpet will go in Saturday or Monday

Guest bathroom light above sink (no mirror yet)

Dining room chandelier

Back patio light

Hallway to guest bathroom light fixture and smoke detector

Range hood sits in refrigerator space awaiting installation

 Latches are now on pocket doors; this one is between kitchen and laundry room

 Cold air return and smoke detector in living room

Outside lights by garage, stone trim to be finished

And moving day is Tuesday
Garage at old house is FULL of boxes!

Last 2 weeks of construction

While we were gone last week at MMDC doing mission work, my dear friend Genni took photos of the progress of construction. Thanks so much.

 Plastic over the garage door keeps the sawdust down as they cut door and floor trim.

Window trim is stained.

Patio door is stained.

And the "Unique Gray" paint is applied to the walls.

Here's the black dirt for our front yard.

The air conditioner is now installed. 
After we got home from MMDC, the doors were locked and we couldn't get in!

Guest bathroom gets tile.

The furnace has arrived.

Linen closet shelves are in.

Wow, look at the space in the master bedroom walk-in closet!

 A layer of concrete goes on the dining room floor prior to laying the vinyl flooring.

Kitchen cabinets went in this past Monday.

I love the handrail to the basement.

The neighbor's garage floor was painted.

 Ceramic tile is laid in front of the fireplace.

Stonework goes on the front of the garage.

Downspouts are in.

I had some brass apples which they used on the laundry room closet.

Bifold doors go in the hall closet.

Towel bars and robe hook is in the master bathroom.

I selected new fangled toilet paper holders.

The bench seat in the master bath gets tiled.

Here's the decorative trim detail in the master bath.

TV bracket is installed.

Electrical fixtures went in this week. Here is the one in the basement stairwell.

Water softener, part 1...

...and part 2.

The pendant lights are above the dining bar, 
and the ceiling fan/light is in the living room.

Pocket doors are installed (but no latch yet).

And we have a working garage door opener.