Monday, September 16, 2013

Midwest Mission Distribution Center, Day 1

Our team of 7 volunteers from Trinity UMC left Charles City on Sunday, Sept. 15 right after church. After a 6-hour drive (and stop for lunch in Mt. Pleasant with Jay's sister and brother-in-law) we arrived in Chatham, IL. We unloaded and went to town for supper and then on to Meijer's grocery store.

Another team is in the dorm from the Indianapolis area. They leave mid-week and others from Eau Claire, WI, arrive. We leave Saturday morning.

Off to work this morning at 8:30. Bless this mission and the work of our hands.

Cindy Rippentrip, Christi Meyer, Karen Cutler, Carl Jacob, Susan Jacob, Jay Cutler, and Pastor Jim Beranek

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