Saturday, September 7, 2013

Insulation, sheetrock, and driveway

Here is the garage where my gardening tools will go. Long handled brooms and shovels will go on the left and a shelf on the right for gardening gloves, trowels, etc.

Here is where Carl's fishing poles will hang in the garage. He measured the rack so they could put in supports between the studs.

Here is our outside spigot inside the garage.

Here is the insulation behind the washer/dryer hookups.

The cathedral ceiling in the living room/dining room has a light bulb (center) hanging from the place where the ceiling fan/light will go. Cold air returns are on the far wall.

Another light bulb where the dining room chandelier will go.

Above the two sinks in the master bath are the places for the makeup-mirror style lights.

Insulation and ceiling rain guards in the living room/dining room.

We'll have hot water!

Foam insulation in the basement ceiling.

Utility room electrical outlet.

Basement wiring and stud wall by the stairs.

One of the workers wearing stilts to install insulation in our bedroom (I'm looking from the living room toward the bedroom. Note corner gas fireplace).

Installing sheetrock in the front foyer.

More siding is complete on the neighbor's south wall...

...and on the front of our guest bedroom. And the driveway has been poured!

Looking in from the front door through the foyer. Guest bath/bedroom door on left, living room straight ahead.

Here is the sheetrocked guest bedroom.

Really nice big closet in guest bedroom.

Looking out guest bedroom doorway toward linen closet in hall.

Guest bathroom now has sheetrock.

Stairwell to basement.

Hall closet with front foyer to left of basement stairs.

Living room fireplace on right, door to master bedroom on left.  

Vaulted ceiling in living room/dining room. Patio doors off dining room.

Kitchen with pocket door to laundry room and garage.

Garage is sheetrocked. Can see newly poured driveway.

Along this wall in the garage is where storage shelves will go.

Wall where Carl's fishing poles will go to left of ourside spigot.

Back door out of garage. Freezer will go to its left. Notice electrical panel on right.

Garage window on north.

Laundry room closet across from washer/dryer.

Master bedroom walk-in closet on left, master bathroom on right.

Along the right inside master bedroom walk-in closet will be double row of clothes poles. To left will be one row of clothes poles for long dresses.

Master bathroom now sheetrocked. Sinks on right, toilet on left. Ahead of toilet is walk-in shower.

Walk-in shower waiting for tile.

Our neighbor got subflooring in her laundry room.

Our basement egress window has a ladder. My sewing machine will probably go beneath this window.

Furnace waiting to be installed.

Under the basement stairs will be storage for suitcases and coolers.

We're scheduled to move October 1st.

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