Thursday, September 19, 2013

MMDC, end of Day 4

Christi and Cindy made desks in the morning with Carl showing them how.

Jay, Carl , and outside coordinator Lou weigh cases of spiral notebooks 
that came on the semi yesterday.

Susan helped shrink wrap school desks in the morning.

Lou and Carl shrink wrap a pallet of school bags.

Jim and Willis measured boards to make a special order table.

It seems like Christi and Cindy enjoyed building desks.

Empty buckets donated for flood cleaning kits have to be weighed before adding to warehouse storage.

There were 2,000 of the buckets to weigh, but they have matching lids!

Karen continued to fix school bags that didn't meet UMCOR specs.

Jim and Mark emptied the shop vac.

Christi and Cindy receive instruction from Roger McClintock, master desk builder.

Dave Stratton from Eau Claire, WI (his hometown is Charles City) helped put the pieces of the desks together so they could be shrink wrapped.

Susan and Rhonda from WI wrapped a pallet of desks (plus 3). Here Mark Freeman is getting ready to put a come-along strap around them to move them. We couldn't lift the last few above our heads, so Susan had to stand on a chair to reach the top of 
the stack of nine.

Previously completed Junior desks with 2 senior desks on top that we shrink wrapped.

In the afternoon we moved to the Desk Shop where we assembled a desk (and took it apart to be sanded and given 2 coats of polyurethane).

It's a proud moment when your desk is assembled and you sit on it 
and the legs don't rock.

The desks ready to assemble are all done and Roger doesn't work tomorrow, so we'll do some other task. There is one desk that we had to make 2 new legs for that is ready to shrink wrap.

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