Monday, October 19, 2015

Colonoscopy chronicles--day of procedure

Last night about 4 hours after taking the laxative cleanse, I was able to go a half hour or more without any elimination. I drank 32 oz. of apple juice for a late supper. By the time I went to bed  2 hours after that, I had gone an hour between bouts on the toilet. I didn't wake up in the night with the urgency to go--just normal once or twice overnight.

This morning I got up at 5:00 and took my high blood pressure medicine. Half an hour later I mixed the second dose of SUPREP. Knowing how it tasted made it a little harder to get it down. I think I shuddered more this time from the taste. I also drank 32 more oz. of H2O as prescribed.

Exactly 15 minutes later I began passing the water through my intestines. There isn't any abdominal discomfort because, hey, it's only water.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Colonoscopy chronicles--two hours later

I can spend about 20 minutes in the recliner before I have to go to the bathroom. I became curious after it seemed like all 48 oz. of water came out through the intestines. I did a little research and learned that only about 120 ml or 4 oz. are stored in the bladder!

It's comforting to know that one of my friends is going through this at the same time. She checks into the hospital at 10:15 tomorrow, right after me. Where are we going to celebrate when this is all over?

Colonoscopy chronicles--one hour after starting the cleanse

I'd been back to the recliner for about five minutes AGAIN and felt the urge to return to the toilet. Watery stools twice. Tried to get up, and there it goes again. Not many solids now. Wonder if I'll sleep on the toilet tonight.

Feel free to stop reading if it's too much information for you.

Back to the recliner for 5 minutes. Back into the bathroom. I figured I'd pass urine a lot since I drank so much water, but nooooo....

Guess I'll just stay here a while.

Colonoscopy chronicles, 15 minutes later

And so it begins...I feel a little like passing gas and figure it would be wise to sit on the toilet. Soft BM but it's pale green like I've never seen. (I warned you--TMI.)

I'm playing games on the iPad and go sit in my recliner. Five minutes later I'm back in the bathroom, and now I have watery stools.

I go back to my recliner but that doesn't last but a few minutes. I don't have cramps, and my esophagus still feels full of all that water I drank. More watery stools. Figure I'd better give up going back to the recliner. At least we have a padded toilet seat, if I'm going to be here a while.

Colonoscopy chronicles

So in half an hour I start "the cleanse" for a routine colonoscopy. About 2 years ago the doctor wanted me to have a "baseline" colonoscopy. I got the goop to drink to the tune of $190 dollars (I could hardly believe that!) and the procedure was scheduled. However, the doctor suggested I call my insurance company, just to make sure.

At the time I was retired but still under the school district's insurance. They denied coverage, and, fortunately, the pharmacy took back the kit since it hadn't been opened! The doctor said it would be okay to wait a couple of years until I was on Medicare.

Well, now that I am 65, I decided to make this one of the numerous free tests you can get during your first year on Medicare. The doctor's office set it up here in the ol' hometown with the new surgeon. I was supposed to go for a consultation on the day I was to pick up my mom at the Minnespolis airport, so they rescheduled for a week earlier.

But then the new doctor's nurse called to say he was going to be out of town that day, so they would send me a packet of information and the prescription. Guess I'll be meeting Dr. Fuller in the O.R.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I went to fill the prescription for this "free" test and discovered that, even with Medicare and a $20 coupon that was in the packet, the prescription cost me over $70! It still costs $190 total and I haven't reached my prescription supplement's deductible in the past 3 1/2  months! But at least I only had to pay less than half out-of-pocket.

The surgeon's office called me 2 days ago to set the time of the procedure for 9:30 tomorrow morning. I could only have a liquid diet today (no milk, no alcohol, nothing red or purple in color). So far today I have had a sip of H2O with my HBP meds this A.M., a bowl of chicken broth, and a bottle of diet 7up for lunch. Guess I'll be dropping a few pounds during this ordeal. (That's a positive even if it'll mostly be poop.)

So I'm off to the kitchen to mix 6 oz. of SUPREP with 10 oz. of water, followed by 2 more 16 oz. glasses of H2O.

Okay, that wasn't so bad. It tasted sort of citrus-y but a little salty. The hard part was getting down 32 more ounces of water as a chaser! Surprisingly, the SUPREP was clear like water, not like the old thick and chalky barium people used to have to drink.