Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MMDC, end of 2nd work day

Cindy and Christi work on a jigsaw puzzle. They finished it today right before supper.

Pastor Jim reads a book on his electronic tablet.

Karen prepares a salad for today's lunch.

Susan spends time each night updating this blog.

Today Karen and Susan sewed school bags.

Carl and Jay killed the weeds in the parking lot.

Jay used a blow torch to eliminate the weeds, and Carl raked over them to make sure the fire went out.

Pastor Jim glues old school bleachers together to make a table top.

Cindy and Christi sand desk tops made from old bleacher seats.

Pastor Jim works on constructing a 10-foot table for a local women's shelter.

Carl helped Pastor Jim set the clamped table top down to dry overnight.

Christi applies polyurethane to the desk tops.

At the end of each work day we clean up.

Pastor Jim removes glue from the work space.

We go out to eat every night (but prepare our own breakfasts and lunches). Tonight we went to Kiku Japanese Steakhouse for food prepared on the hibachi grill.

Pastor Jim just misses catching a bite of egg thrown by the chef.

Jay caught the bite of egg!

Part of the entertainment is the chef playing with fire!

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