Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MMDC, end of 3rd day

Break time is mandatory for team bonding.

Pastor Jim and Chuck from WI glue old bleacher seats together for desk tops.

Here they clamp the boards together so they will be dry to sand tomorrow.

Carl assembles school desks.

Cindy was in charge this afternoon teaching the WI team how to sand 
and apply polyurethane to school desks.

 Jay and Carl unloaded a semi load of supplies.

The semi contained over 2,000 empty buckets, 
school bags, and school supplies.
The word is that Sager Brown in New Orleans and Salt Lake City UMCOR sites
have delivered flood cleaning buckets to Colorado. It supposedly cleaned out their
inventory, so some from MMDC will probably be replacing those.

Jay continued burning the weeds off the RV sites. Here's where he's been...

...and here's where he'll be going tomorrow.

Charles City native Dave Stratton and his wife Jennie arrived today 
with a team from Eau Claire, WI.

Dinner tonight was at the Sugar Creek UMC down the road from MMDC. They serve a meal every Wednesday night throughout the school year, and MMDC volunteers are always welcome. Great pasta meal and dessert, like all Methodist meals, consisting  of brownies and ice cream.

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