Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two weeks until moving

The electrical cord on the front of the condo is for the light on the flagpole.

Got our front entry sidewalk.

Siding now finished on the front of the garage.

Neighbor’s front siding was done first.

Neighbor’s garage door opener was installed yesterday.

Neighbor’s front entryway tile...

...and guest bathroom tile.

Neighbor’s pecan stained woodwork...

...and our natural oak woodwork.

Second mudding on sheetrock taping will dry for 2 days before texturing the walls.

North side of the condo with outside spigot, furnace vents, and wiring for AC unit.

 This made me laugh—an Alpha Delta Kappa license plate!

Neighbor’s garage door has been installed.

Meanwhile back at the old homestead, packing continues. Two hours and 5 boxes later my violet glassware collection is bubble wrapped and ready to move.

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