Monday, June 4, 2012

MMDC--truck loaded & Iowa Annual Conference

So when we came back the second day, there was a flood cleaning bucket waiting for us before we even unlocked the truck an hour before the conference sessions began!

Susan knitted a prayer shawl while waiting by the truck.

Carl got in a short siesta.

On the last day we flattened all of the extra cardboard boxes and stowed them in Gary Burket’s truck for recycling.

Getting fuller...

...and organized for the trip to Chatham tomorrow.

It was a hard day!

Meanwhile, Jay Cutler demonstrated Trinity’s soap making project. We make liquid laundry detergent and give it to the local community kitchen.

At the back of the exhibit hall Kids Care was packing high protein meals during the conference.

Iowa MMDC board member Carol had a booth in the exhibit hall.

And the various Iowa Districts were also collecting items for missions at the Potpourri booth.

This young man tried out the PET.

Here’s proof that Trinity UMW was represented--Jane and Pastor Jim and Carl.

Cindy and Denny Rippentrop and Pastor Jim joined the Jacobs for dinner on the last night.

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