Saturday, February 4, 2012

MMDC #5 -- Muskegon, MI, this is for you!

Previously, I uploaded photos of members of the Muskegon, MI, team who were assembling kits in the workroom. Here are photos of those who were in the warehouse.

Don V. and Julie put desk tops on a drying rack after applying a wood sealer.

Dick applies the polyurethane to framework for student desks.

Don E. lightly sands the first coat before the second coat is applied.

Julie and Don V. apply the second coat of sealer.

Don V. picks up a sealed board to transfer it to the drying rack.

Dick, Don E., and Don V. sand the board for student desks.

Caretaker Dick S. and Julie prepare the sealer.

Don E. gets a board from the drying rack.

Don V. sands the edge of a desk top.

Don E., Don V. and Roger build a student desk.

Don E. watches Don V. assemble a desk.

Don V. and Don E. sit on the first desk that they assembled to test its stability.

Julie and Dick sit in the first desk they built.

Harold the Sewing Machine Repairman and Mark Freeman visit as a load of school desks is picked up with the forklift to load into the truck.

School desks and cleaning bucket kits are already loaded in the truck.

 Mark loads more school desks.

Volunteers gather around to bless the load, the driver, and the recipients.

Mark explains that this load is going to Kenya and Tanzania. We “prayed it out” as it began its journey.

Back in the workroom Linda packs a box with personal dignity kits.

Then she seals the 23 kits inside.

Sally, Jan, Marty, and Chris assemble personal dignity kits. 

Linda packs them into boxes.

Signs like these show the volunteers which items go into each kind of kit. Here is the list for Teacher’s School Bags, which are needed for teachers in Haiti.

Marty, Jan, and Sally assemble layette kits for babies.

Every box that is packed must be weighed and inventoried before it is stored int he warehouse. Warehouse/Clerical Assistant Mary Evermon is getting ready to mark the weight, number of kits inside, and the date packed on the outside of the box.

Every team of volunteers is photographed, and once a month Mary replaces last year’s photos of volunteers with the new ones for this year’s volunteers for that month.

At the table Jan and Marty count out 50 paper clips to put into 2-by-3-inch zip bags for Teacher School Bags. In the background Linda makes patterns for hospital gowns, and Donna sews Student School Bags.

Sally makes patterns for hospital gowns. One day Executive Director Pat Wright had requests for 16 patterns to be mailed!

Linda marks a pattern with instructions before cutting it out.

Linda, February Volunteer Coordinator Susan Jacob, and Sally attempt to put a bolt of fabric on a pole.

Once the pole goes through the bolt of 140 yards of fabric, it will hang below the cutting table. That fabric was used for hospital gowns and 3-yard lengths for sewing kits.

Linda, Susan, and Sally did manage to get the job done!

Mark Freeman, Warehouse Supervisor, and Pat Wright, Executive Director, take a break. Volunteers work from 8:30 to 4:00, but it’s important for them to take a break each morning and afternoon to get to know one another.

Danielle Eaton is the Assistant Director at MMDC.

2012 MMDC Caretakers are Dick and Judy Sena. They were volunteer coordinators for Oct, Nov, Dec, and Jan.

Carl and Susan Jacob are Volunteer Coordinators for the month of February.

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