Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MMDC #18

Monday, Feb. 20, was an extremely busy day with 29 volunteers. In the workroom the gals from Jacksonville, IL, layered towels and wash cloths for PDKs. By then end of the morning they had gone through 2 bales of towels—that’s 600!

Those who were sewing in the morning were from both Girard and Jacksonville, IL.

Local volunteers shown here sorted hospital gowns and opened packages of protractors and scissors.

Some of the volunteers then moved on to counting paperclips. This may not seem like much, but counting and sorting are very important and necessary jobs for our volunteers—especially to the teachers who receive those 50 paperclips in their school bags.

The women from Gray Summit, MO, and volunteers from Jacksonville, IL, assembled school bags.

The students from McMurray College were fulfilling a volunteer service component.

Barbara from Gray Summit, MO, weighs a box of completed one-handled school bags. By the end of the day, 444 school bags (in 37 boxes) had been added to MMDC’s warehouse inventory.

The junior high youth group from St. Joseph, IL, started the day rolling bundles of trash bags for flood cleaning buckets. They bundled about 750 of the bags.

Then half of the junior high students filled flood cleaning buckets.

Those in the St. Joseph, IL, group completed a pallet and a half of flood cleaning buckets. Here Mary moves a pallet out so the students can shrink wrap it.

She demonstrates how to shrink wrap.

 And then the students got to try their hand at shrink-wrapping.

At the end of the day we prayed for those who will receive the flood cleaning buckets.

The other half of the students assembled one-handled school bags in the workroom.

The students got to shrink wrap the pallet of competed school bags and we blessed them.

Things really were quiet the next day. The women from Gray Summit assembled Personal Dignity Kits.

Here Barbara rolls a “burrito” or PDK.

In the afternoon Barbara and Laverne stamped 500 envelopes with the 3rd class postage permit and folded 800 letters for an MMDC mailing.

Local volunteers Louise and Marla decided it was a good day to clean out the sewing cupboard since there weren’t very many people in the workroom.

MMDC became affiliated with UMCOR in 2010. Now there are 8 regional depots.

Out in the wood shop for the past 2 days, the men have been building school desks. An order for about 120 will go out soon to South America. Below they 4 guys form Gray Summit/Labadie sand and seal the desks.

To protect their clothes from the polyurethane, they became “medical” people or “meat” people.

The newly constructed desks are put on a pallet and raised on the forklift to the finishing room for 2 sandings and 2 coats of sealer.

Then they moved to the desk shop to assemble desks.

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