Monday, February 6, 2012

MMDC #7--Poseyville, MI, Day One

The team from Poseyville, MI, started work today. Two gals and three guys worked in the finishing room, sanding and sealing 16 school desks! Tomorrow they’ll do the second sanding and second coat of polyurethane. Below Carol and Sandi "slap on the stuff."

Mike and Roger pick up the pieces of a desk to work on. Everything on the shelves is color-coded so the pieces don’t get mixed up.
Jim and Mike get the rest of the desk out.

Here Jim and Roger sand between coats.

Seven of the Poseyville Team were in the workroom. Minie and Helen packed  321 boxes of Personal Dignity Kits. That’s 15 boxes of them, with the help of Mary and Jennifer from Athens, IL, who worked on them just in the afternoon. Minie also ran to the warehouse for supplies and taped, weighed, and marked the 15 boxes to store in the warehouse.

Joan and Vicki cut out one-handled school bags ALL day, going through 3 bolts of upholstery fabric. Their tally was 172 bags cut out!

Marty, Laura, and Joyce spent the morning sewing handles for one-handled Teacher bags which are will go to Haiti. After lunch they began stitching the bags and attaching & reinforcing the handles.

Joan works on cutting handles for the school bags.

Volunteer Coordinator Susan fielded questions during the morning and helped the sewers figure out the Bernina and Viking sewing machines--how to thread them, wind bobbins, go in reverse, and change from straight stitching to zig-zag. For the rest of the day she disassembled bundles of pencils and ink pens into 3 blue/black pens and 3 pencils for student school bags, filling one-and-a-half paper boxes for school bags to be assembled tomorrow.

The sewers completed 15 one-handled Teacher bags. These are the first ones completed by proud Marty and Laura.

Joyce finishes her first Teacher bag. On Tuesday the sewers will complete bags to go with the 21 handles they have already stitched.

Joan and Viki cut out their third bolt of upholstery fabric for one-handled school bags.

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