Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Day Two
Two more Poseyville, MI, team members arrived late yesterday afternoon. Here is the entire group. They represent 4 churches in their area. The donations they brought were weighed in by Judy. 

Carol, Becky, and Mike show their donations being weighed on the scale.

In the workroom today Marty, Joyce, and Laura continued to sew one-handled bags. These aren’t just for teachers—they are used for student bags for Haiti, too. I didn’t get a count on how many they finished, but they worked the whole day on them! The serger wasn't working, and even Mark couldn’t get it to work.

Becky, Helen, Joan, and Minie filled one-handled student school bags all day! Joyce helped in the afternoon when Joan did some sewing. They completed 38 cases, which held a total of 532 school bags! Minie assembled, packed, and weighed boxes. Becky functioned as the runner back and forth to the warehouse to replenish the school supplies.
Here Susan puts a label on a box.

Vicki cut a dozen 3-yard lengths of fabric for sewing kits and then cut out a number of girls’ hospital gowns from what was left on the bolt (only 8 feet) and some coordinating fabric. After that Vicki began matching up boys’ hospital shorts and shirts, cutting out what was needed to complete an outfit.

When a 150-yard bolt of fabric was brought in to put under the cutting table, it took Vicki, Susan, and Mary to accomplish the job. The cardboard tube inside the roll had been flattened, but with a little brute strength the 3 of us were able to get it on the pole to hang it below the cutting table. Vicki pushed to keep the bolt of fabric from moving...and Mary and Susan pushed the pole through the middle.

Jan helped local volunteers Marilyn and Steve Marcus (Volunteer Counters). They folded MMCD brochures and then Jan filled information packets with February’s newsletter.

Jim, Sandi, Carol, Roger, and Mike continued working on the school desks they started yesterday. Carl said they finished 14 student desks. Below he puts the sealed boards into the drying rack.

 Jim and Mike sand between coats of polyurethane.

Below Carol and Roger check out the finished product.

Then they went downstairs to the assembly room and put 2 more together. After all of the holes are labeled for reconstruction, the bolts are then removed. Tomorrow those desks will be sanded and sealed.

JIm and Sandi assemble a desk.

Carol labels all of the holes where the bolts will go to reassemble the desk.

Out in the warehouse Roger helped Dick build a shipping crate around a surgical microscope.

Mike and Dick later went upstairs to move items in storage. They brought down treadle sewing machines to ship out.

Break time every morning and afternoon is a time for a little fun as Carol and Miene demonstrate.

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