Monday, February 13, 2012

MMDC #12—New Lenox, IL

The team that came in this week to volunteer is from New Lenox, IL, a Chicago suburb. Some of them are here for the 10th year! Welcome (row one) Anna, Patty, Joyce, Sue, (row two) Don M., Dolores, Will, Ralph, Bruce, and Don M.

The women in the workroom had a trash bag party! They spent ALL DAY rolling bundles of 12 trash bags for flood cleaning buckets. What troopers!

Susan, Volunteer coordinator for February, joins the party.

And at the end of the day these “Bag Ladies” had rolled 8 cases or a total of 2,200 trash bags for flood relief. At the start of the day there was only 1 roll in this bin, and now it is  completely FULL.

Meanwhile, the men were in the warehouse working on various stages of school desks. Volunteer coordinator Carl shows them how to mark the places where the bolts go so that the desks can be disassembled for sanding and sealing.

Ralph and Don M. stack desk parts on drying racks after applying polyurethane.

Don L., Bruce, and Will take a desk apart.

Ralph applies sealer and Don M. gets pieces to sand.

 Don M. does the first sanding.

Caretaker Dick and Warehouse Supervisor Mark stand in the wood shop where the desk parts are cut out.

Every day we have to clean up the workroom and the wood shop areas. Will vacuums the desk shop area.

Patty sweeps up the workroom.

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