Friday, February 10, 2012

MMDC #11

Today was the Poseyville, MI, team’s last day of volunteering. This group is made up of member of 4 different churches from Central Michigan. We had a great time with them and they were extremely willing workers.

The sewers worked on two handled school bags all day, completing 79 bags by quittin’ time. Thank you Laura, Marty, and Joyce. You ALMOST got through that stack! Only one box of the 3 remained that needed edges zigzag-ed or serged, with the help of a gal from Normal, IL, who came for the day.

We had hoped that a supply of trash bags would be delivered so that we could prepare for doing flood cleaning buckets, but they didn’t arrive until 2:30 p.m. Instead we set up 2 stations for doing Personal Dignity Kits (PDKs). With the help of 3 Normal, IL, volunteers the Poseyville, MI, gals assembled 27 boxes today which totaled 575 PDKs just today! Wow, add that to what they completed earlier this week, and they were responsible for boxing up 1,037 PDKs from Monday through Friday. Bless the Lord for their dedication! Thank you, Helen and Minie and Becky and Jan.

Meanwhile, Vicki and Joan cut out 3-yard lengths of that delightful fabric for hospital gown until the tubs wouldn’t hold ANY MORE. Then they cut out at least 15 patterns for hospital gowns (and took some home with fabric to make up and send back).

The wood shop crew completed 3 more desks today AND made 18 desk tops! Below Dick and Mike shrink wrap completed school desks.

Sandi and Jim assemble 3 desks.

Dick lowers shrink wrapped desks from the finishing room.

This pallet of school desks is lowered to the warehouse floor.

The desks are banded to the pallet to prepare for shipping.

While the Poseyville, MI, team was working on desks Mark, Dick and Carl took lumber into the wood shop to make legs for the desk tops.

Judy got right into the recycling bin to flatten all of the cardboard boxes from the supplies used for PDKs.

And we got her best side, too. Sorry, I couldn’t resist since everyone has been the “butt” of the on-going joke all week.

Clean-up commences in the workroom. Every Friday the anti-fatigue mats are vacuumed and the floors are wet mopped. Vicki used the shop vac to clean the floors.

Susan wielded a mop.

Yes, this is the last one of Vicki vacuuming the shelves below the work tables.

Thanks, Poseyville, MI, team for a great week.

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