Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jacksonville Key Club at MMDC #21

We had 2 youth groups this week at MMDC. On Friday we had the Jacksonville, IL, High School Key Club. Thank you for all of your help.
Here are the members of the Key Club. This is a group of students in the Business Department who do volunteer work. Their advisor, David Ruben de Cela, explained that the Key Club runs 3 blood drives at their high school, and to date they have collected 330 pints for Morgan County.

The P.E.T. (Personal Energy Transport) will soon be made at MMDC. A prototype in the workroom gets a lot of attention. It will be used by someone who has lost the use of their lower limbs, like a wheelchair but with wider tires in rough terrain.

First time visitors to MMDC start with a tour of the facility.  Here they tour the bicycle repair shop. 

Break time allows volunteers from different groups to mingle and get to know one another. Break time is MANDATORY when you hear the bell ring!

Several of the girls worked with local volunteer Roger in the desk shop.

The girls from Jacksonville completed 2 desks. Good job, well done!

Other members of the Key Club rolled trash bags. Warehouse/Cerical Assistant Mary explains about the flood cleaning buckets and the need for 24 trash bags in each.

The Jacksonville Key Club rolled 1,000 trash bags!

Another task the Key Club completed was layering towels and wash cloths for Personal Dignity Kits. They used 4 bales of towels (300 per bale) and 2 bales of wash cloths (600 per bale) for a total of 1,200 sets to be used in PDKs.

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