Thursday, February 9, 2012

MMDC #10

First thing this morning we loaded the ambulance with recyclables. Susan and Carol climbed into the back end to move the cardboard, paper, and plastic up toward the front.

Hey, look, Roger is working.

 Everybody helped empty the recycling bins.

Becky climbed right into the bin!

 Carl carries those empty cardboard tubes from upholstery fabric.

Another shot from the rear...

Who is that dumpster diver?

This project brought Roger to his knees!

Carol tosses in the plastic recyclables last. 

Dick uses the forklift to put the paper bin back on the rack.

The rest of the team members went to volunteer at Breadline. Those 5 who stayed to work today did a variety of tasks. One activity was to sort through donated fabric, looking “through” it for 3-yard lengths that could be used in sewing kits and finding matching material for hospital gowns and shorts.

Marty thought this was fun! She got to play with fabric.

Another task was to layer hand towels and washcloths for—yep, you guessed it—PDKs or Personal Dignity Kits. Becky and Jan helped pack 14 boxes with 294 PDKs for a total of 472 pounds. That’s a GREAT day’s work!

Marty also repaired a hospital gown and cut out some patterns.

All day long Laura reinforced two-handled school bags. Between Laura, Marty, and Joyce when she returned from Breadline, they completed 32 bags!

After returning from volunteering at Breadline, Joan and Vicki packed sewing kits.

They filled 3 boxes with 53 sewing kits for a total of 79 pounds.

Meanwhile in the Desk Shop, Carol and Roger B. helped local volunteer Roger assemble desk tops.

 They completed (drum roll, please...) 24 desk tops!

The day ended as it had started—with Judy sorting all of the recycled cardboard from the PDK supplies. It was added to that already in the ambulance for Dick to deliver tomorrow.

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