Thursday, February 16, 2012

MMDC #14

Over the past couple of days the New Lenox, IL, team has done a variety of different tasks. Tuesday they opened 6,240 ink pens! These were then bundled together with 3 pens and 3 pencils. Local volunteers Marilyn and Steve Marcus helped, as did local volunteer Ethel, who finished the last bundle and ended up with ONE pencil remaining (there are still boxes of pens left in the bins).

With no pencils left to bundle, she and Patty moved on to erasers. They opened the packages and recycled the cardboard, and the bin of erasers in the warehouse now is half full. We’re can start on filling school bags again now that our supplies have been replenished. 

On Wednesday morning Joyce and Patty cut out 72 one-handled bags and 74 handles out of upholstery fabric. 

Meanwhile volunteer coordinator Susan cut out some hospital gowns to match up with the ones that local volunteer Louise had inspected. Sometimes we have girls shorts and no matching gowns or boys shorts and no matching shirts, or the shorts need elastic or twill tapes sewn into the neckline or waist on which to write the children’s names.

Sue, Dolores, and Anna finished reinforcing the 2 handles on 32 school bags and zig-zagging or serging the unfinished edges inside. Then Anna worked on completing repairs on hospital gowns for Louise.

Joining the team today were John and Lynda from Naperville, IL. They came to work for a day and a half with the New Lenox team because they had all been here at the same time last year. Lynda, Dolores, and Sue began assembling Personal Dignity Kits (PDKs) after lunch, completing 8 boxes for a total of 168 PDKs before clean-up time at 3:30. Dolores assembled, packed, and weighed the boxes (at 35 lbs. each!) while Joyce layered a towel and a washcloth together for the PDKs. 

In the desk shop the guys have completed 18 desks and 22 extra desk tops in the past couple of days. John, Ralph, and Don M. built desk tops, and Bruce and Don L. assembled desks. 

Will put the screws into the blocks which will reinforce the desks. Somehow Will ended up with 5 band-aids on his fingers!

Judy was working in the warehouse. She actually uncovered the top of the table outside Mark’s office! Dick and local volunteer Willis were busy in the wood shop cutting out pieces for the desks and making desk tops.

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