Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photos of Chena Hot Springs Resort #2

Here's the inside of the restaurant with two fox pelts in a case on the wall.

Hanging from the ceiling in the restaurant are a dogsled and moose antlers.

Above the fireplace in the restaurant is a metal laser-cut enameled sculpture of a bear fishing for salmon in the river.

This photo of Carl was taken at 9 a.m. and it's not fully light out yet.

In the morning I said, "Hey, there's a mountain." The snow machines take people on tours.

This little snowman sits outside our building. The photo was taken after lunch when it's starting to get dark. 

This is Carl at the entrance to our building. Someone left their ice martini glasses on the step.

Here's our building, with a guy on the roof pushing off the 8 inches of snow.

The guy got up there in a lift bucket on a big tractor.

Here he is pushing the snow off the roof.

This is the snow falling outside our window!

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