Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chena greenhouse photos

Chena Hot Springs Resort has greenhouses to grow its own lettuce and herbs like basil for its restaurant and to sell in Fairbanks. Notice the full spectrum lighting and propagation trays.

Just harvested hydroponic tomatoes will head to the restaurant.

Rock wool is used for propagation.

Here are trays of lettuce seedlings.

Additional propagation of seeds in a different medium.

Water flows through the white trays in which plants grow. 

Lettuce seedlings...

...look a little strange under the full spectrum red lights.

And they were growing cyclamens. In addition, another greenhouse has poinsettias being grown to decorate the resort for Christmas. In the spring and summer they grow all of the annual blooming plants for the grounds.

Mmm...mmm. The lettuce in my salads was delicious.

And they grow several varieties.

Every greenhouse needs tropical plants, especially in Alaska when it's 30 below.

They keep wrapping hydroponic tomato stems around and around.

A pulley system holds up the stalks which produce the tomatoes.

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