Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dog kennels and horse fodder at Chena

 Bernie and Bonnie Carl and their guest in the restaurant.

The full spectrum light can be seen glowing in the greenhouses.

This way to the dog kennels.

 Yurts which can be rented for camping in the summer.

Purse hooks under the bar.

The stream water was warm leaving the hot springs Rock Lake.

The converter on the left is hot and the chamber on the right is cold.

 Leaving Chena Hot Springs Resort.

 Entrance to Chena Hot Springs Resort. The road from Fairbanks ends here.

Sled dog kennels.

A team of dogs pull a sled.

A boy and his dogs.

How sled dogs are harnessed.

 A cargo sled in front, racing sled behind.

  Bernie Carl and Carl Jacob feed the pet goats, which Bernie bought at the borough (county) fair from 4-H students.

 This old truck has been converted to burn wood chips with no exhaust.

 When the sprouted barley is 6 inches high it is fed to the horses.

 The horses are fed 2 "bricks" a day, one in the morning and one at night.

Bags of barley which are sprouted for horse fodder.

This is the lobby of Moose Lodge, which is the newest set of rooms at the resort.

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