Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chena Photos #5

More photos inside the restaurant at Chena Hot Springs Resort. Mounted above the bar are muskie, grayling, and walrus. 

This carving is called In Awe of Aurora.

What a beautiful table made of 3 burled trees.

A beaver pelt is mounted on the ceiling.

Do you know the difference between a reindeer and a caribou? The reindeer is domesticated and the caribou is wild.

Grouse or ptarmigan?

We went down to see the horses in their corral today. They'll give sleigh rides soon.

Another of the laser-cut metal enameled pieces of artwork.

Carl loves feeding the pet goats.

The goat pen was improved for the winter. The basic structure was surrounded with bales of straw and then covered with snow.

Snow machines. Mountains in distance.

Staff housing.

Kubota utility vehicle.

Mountains surround the resort.

Everybody has a connex (semi-trailer) for storage in Alaska.

The private airstrip at the resort.

Here is the pipe that brings the water to the geothermal plant to produce energy. The well goes down 700 feet, and after using the water it is pumped back into the ground.

Behind the power plant.

Looking across the runway.

The horses in their corral.

Carl loves all animals.

And when he feeds them, the animals love him.

 And this was posted on the door of our building when we got here. But by now all of the bears should be hibernating!

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