Friday, March 20, 2015

MMDC–Thursday and Friday

On both Thursday and Friday Karen and Susan sewed more one-handled teacher bags for Haiti. The goal is to make 5,000. On Thursday there were 2 of us working all day and one person working half a day, and we completed 52 bags.

On Friday there were several of us sewing for part of the day—Susan and Karen, a local volunteer, and the inside coordinator. In addition, the gentleman who was running the serger can prepare 80 bags a day for hemming.

The tub of bags in the foreground have been serged along the top edge and then the handles and side seams are serged. We couldn't hem the tops and attach the handles fast enough to keep up with Greg. On Friday we only completed 49 bags.

Meanwhile in the desk making center, Carl and Jay completed quality control on the 9 desks made at Trinity UMC. Here Jay notes “mind the gap”.

Jay discovered a new jig that will be needed at Trinity to make sure the next batch of desks are drilled properly.

Carl and Jay built a couple more desks in the past 2 days. There are NO finished desks in the warehouse because they all were shipped this week to Central America.

Team Trinity will be building 12 more desks in Charles City with the pre-cut lumber loaded in Jay’s pickup on Friday afternoon.

Room had to be made for 12 boxes of birthing kits, school bags, teacher bags, and health kits which were requested by a church in Austin, MN, to take to Haiti. Jay will get them as far as Charles City and then their church will come to pick them up.

Brad was moving empty flood buckets which need to be washed out.

More medical equipment has arrived. This will go to Belize eventually.

The third warehouse is looking good. The concrete floor has been power washed after it was swept of dirt earlier this week.

The good news is that Trinity UMC in Charles City will be coming back to MMDC. The dorms were booked solid for 2016, so we selected the second week in June of 2017.

The accommodations in the dorm are quite comfortable. Volunteers pay only $15 a night for their lodging. They can prepare their own meals, and there is a comfortable living room and dining room for communal activities. We often had devotions at noon time. In the evenings we’d read and relax, usually making an early night of it after going out for supper.

The bedrooms have 2 bunk beds and 4 people could share each room. Usually only the bottom bunks are used, so we have signed up for 16 people to share the 8 rooms, but more people join us if they wanted to sleep in a top bunk.

The team members from Gladbrook and Cedar Falls spent most of the week working on Personal Dignity kits. In the past 2 days they assembled an entire pallet. That’s 28 boxes with 20 PDKs in each box for a total of 560. We are bringing 2 boxes back to Charles City to be distributed at Jordan River/Messiah Food Pantry.

For those of you who shared in our “virtual” journey via this blog, we hope you will be inspired to do good works for others by volunteering your time, talents, gifts, and service in the future. — Susan

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