Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MMDC--Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday evening, which was St. Patrick’s Day, we went to a local pub in Chatham called Fat Willy’s. We heard there was a parade coming—it went the block from the corner to the pub! All 10 people! Anyway, Jay had to try the local Springfield signature sandwich called the Horseshoe. It has sourdough bread on the bottom, meat (hamburger or chicken or ham, you name it), another slice of bread, cheese rarebit sauce over all of that, and fries over the top. Supposedly the fries are the nails in the horseshoe.

On Tuesday evening Susan and Karen worked after supper on our UMW crafts for Easter. We made little felt bunny bags, which we’ll fill with candy. We also made little girls’ bracelets with Easter charms and colored beads.

On Wednesday Karen and Susan sewed school bags again. We had help for half a day and ended up
sewing the handles on and hemming the top of 54 bags.

Here Susan is turning a bag right-side out.

 Karen is attaching the handle. These are one-handled teacher bags for Haiti.

Meanwhile, Jay and Carl helped clean the floor of the new warehouse which is under construction. It sat in the open air all winter because the walls and roof didn’t go on until this week. With a couple from the Cedar Falls team they scooped the dirt in to piles, loaded them into a wheelbarrow, and hauled all of the dirt outside.

That was really hard work (resulting in blisters and sore backs), so this afternoon they went back to doing quality control on 3 more of the 9 desks made by Trinity UMC. After making sure that the desks go together properly and sit level, the desks are disassembled. Then Carl and Jay counted out the nuts and bolts for reassembly once they reach their final destination. Those go into zip bags and are kept with the pieces of the desks as they receive several coats of polyurethane.

The third warehouse is really taking shape. When we got here on Sunday, there was a basic wooden frame. Today the walls were completely closed in and the siding went on.

We never know what tasks we will be asked to do tomorrow. Those from Gladbrook and Cedar Falls who were assembling Personal Dignity Kits got their 500 completed today, and then they were asked to assemble 100 more. Tomorrow is their last day of work, but we will work on Friday.

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