Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day Three 2017 MMDC Youth Mission trip

An improvement in the MMDC dorms is the addition of “egg crate” foam pads on all of the bunks. It makes sleeping on those mattresses much more comfortable.

This morning we headed about an hour away to New Salem, the reconstructed village where Lincoln spent 6 years tending a store and working as the postmaster.

Our docent was Harl Jones, a friend of Grandma Grace’s. He gave us a private tour of the living-history-like outdoor museum.

One of the first speakers was a cooper in the shop of Henry Onstot.

Then Harl told us about the church and schoolroom.

Robert Johnston’s wheelwright’s home was next.

The second Berry-Lincoln store had a sign for Abe as postmaster.

Above the fireplace in the store where Lincoln was a partner are signs about him being a survey and store proprietor.

Our mission group stands in front of a Conestoga wagon.

Lincoln was a surveyor while he lived in Sagamon County, Illinois.

And in New Salem was where he walked 8 miles to borrow a book. He studied grammar to improve himself, and it was here that he decided to study law.

We headed to Dairy Queen for lunch before returning to the MMDC campus to work in the afternoon.

Today was Flag Day. Let us remember those who fought for our freedom as Americans.

After we returned to campus we went to the third warehouse and disassembled school kits and put all of the items into bins to be counted: one- and two-handled school bags, spiral notebooks, rulers, protractors (only 2), erasers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, student students, and crayons.

We relaxed a while before the delicious supper that Heather and Pastor Jim prepared of baked chicken, green bean casserole, baked potatoes (sweet and white), and dinner rolls. Yum.

Then this big storm blew up and we got some wind and rain.

We don’t know what we will be doing tomorrow morning, but a truck pulled up to the loading dock tonight, so there could be more Annual Conference supplies to sort.

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