Thursday, October 3, 2013

Final Details & Moving Day

It's been a busy week as the final touches were completed 
and we wound down on packing.
Here are the Levolor cellular blinds in Dove Gray.

The walls are "Unique Gray."

Within the last few days the sidewalk was poured from the garage, around to the back of the house by the patio. Here are the egress window well and the A.C.

Carl asked for a 4'x4' pad to have a place to put the hose reel below the faucet.

 All of the boxes were organized by room in our old garage.

We dealt with the clutter as we packed--even had to unpack some items
to keep living there.

And a little before 8 a.m. on moving day, the truck arrived.

It took all of Tuesday and half of Wednesday before the truck was on its way.

We got the furniture in yesterday, and today started on the finishing touches. 
Still too many boxes to count.

Our temporary house number.

Sunset at the "new" homestead.

Here is the interior, but it's not totally put together. Tonight I put shelf paper in the cabinets here on the right side of the kitchen

Living room furniture really fills it up.

And now the sorting begins in Four-Eleven.

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  1. It looks like you are getting a good start on making it into your home. I enjoy seeing the pictures. Can't wait to see more.