Tuesday, March 26, 2013

600 Talbott refurbished

New vinyl flooring in dining room. Chandelier is on a rehostat. Cable for TV is beside kitchen cabinets. Mini-blinds on window facing street.

Vinyl in kitchen really brightens the room.

There is new cushiony shelf paper in all of the kitchen cupboards, the kind that keeps dishes from slipping in a motorhome.

There is a lazy susan in the corner cupboard between the stove and the sink.

On the right side of the sink is a deep corner cupboard. There are no drawers in the skinny space below the countertops under the sink nor above the corner cabinets below.

A fluorescent light above the double yellow porcelain kitchen sink is attached below a shelf. It plugs into a wall outlet. The wall switch is for the garbage disposal. Notice that the sink has a hose sprayer. Carl checked both drain strainers and the disposal plug to make sure the sinks held water--they do.

The plain beige carpet has been cleaned in the living room.

The carpet upstairs has that little fleck of brown and matches the plain beige carpet on the stairs. .This is looking from the top stair across the hallway into the smaller bedroom.

This is the carpet in the smaller bedroom. There's a closet to the left with bifold doors. The walk-in closet is right behind where I am standing. To the right is the window to the front of the apartment. (I am facing south.) The window has a scallop-bottom shade.

The walk-in closet has a pole on the left and a wire shelf on the right. 

The larger bedroom at the back of the apartment has two closets with bifold doors. Notice where cable for TV comes up through the floor. There are plastic mini-blinds on the back window.

This is the bathroom sink. If you want a pull-out makeup mirror, it would have to go above the towel bar.

You can see a bit of the vinyl in the bathroom. There is no light in the laundry closet, and Carl said he could attach a fluorescent light like the one in the kitchen to the bottom of that shelf because there is an electrical outlet behind the washer on the left.

There is a full-length mirror at the end of the hallway at the top of the stairs. I'm standing in the doorway to the larger bedroom, looking west. There is a bit of the bathroom door frame visible in the lower left of the photo. The smaller bedroom is to the left of the mirror. See how much brighter the upstairs is without that green carpet!

 This is the light fixture above the stairwell.

And here is that fixture lit up.

Here's the light fixture that is in both bedrooms. This is the smaller bedroom. The window is to the right.

 Here is your daybed in the larger bedroom along the west wall.

Now for the storage unit. This is the overhead door where you can unload. The plywood units are 10x12 to the left with a hallway running between them. Beside where I am standing are another two rows of units where the one for you is located. It's $50 per month.

Here is Rich Liekweg and Carl with the door to a unit open.

This is looking inside a 10x12 unit. They have individual padlocks (I assume provided) with keys.

To the left of the overhead door is the door to the entryway. You get a code to get in.

 This is the "office" area with AC/heat that would be $60 per month. It is roughly 19 x14. They built this to rent it as an office but haven't yet. It's finished just like a house. You'll need to let Peg Liekweg know which unit you want.

This is the door to the "office" area. It does not have as easy of access as the warehouse with the overhead door.

The side door to the right of the overhead door is always left unlocked. Inside and to the left is where the walk-in door to the warehouse is that you open with the code. The "office" is to the right once you get inside.

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